Is it time to admit that ripped jeans just aren’t cool anymore?

Nobody loves ripped skinnies more than I do, they are a staple item in every mans wardrobe and for some time now they have been popular amongst celebrities and normal men alike.

From Ye to Harry Styles, you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting some lad in a pair of ripped jeans. However, every dog has its day and the ripped jean is no exception. Everyone owned a pair and now like all other trends, the ripped jean is on its way out. Ripped skinnies are dead guys, let’s get over it and move on.

On a brighter note, there are some sick new denim trends this year and you will find a replacement pair of jeans in no time. Lets run through this years denim cop list:

Zara- denim chino with frayed bottoms £29.99


Zara is my place of worship and I pray to their designers. Frayed, cropped trousers are what it’s all about and you will be seeing way more people wearing these this summer.

Maison Margiela- distressed effect skinny jean £435


If you have some stacks to throw, you can’t go wrong with Maison Margiela. Distressed jeans look cool and you can wear them casually or dress them up with a shirt and some desert boots.

Levi’s- Original 501 £85

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.24.51

Guys, you want jeans that will last you literally forever? Invest in a pair of 501’s. As well as looking great, they are comfy as hell. You can roll these bad boys up, throw on a pair of chuck taylors and you’re good to go.

Gucci- Embroidered denim £725

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.32.07.png

These aren’t going to be to everyones taste and they come with a hefty price tag, but if there’s one thing Gucci knows how to make, that’s jeans. Animal embroidered anything is hot right now, so if you can afford to cop yourself a pair I suggest you do so.



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